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I am a Medical Intuitive! As a nurse for almost 25 years, I look back and see many beautiful experiences and contributions. However, bridging the science of medicine with spirit, that creates this field, is where my heart and soul finds true purpose.

A gift I have been blessed with all my life, intuition comes to me through divine messages from my guides and even your crossed over loved ones. Or it is just a knowing I feel, see, or hear.

I do an Intuitive Body Scan in your Medical Intuitive Reading. If you are unable to come see me, I can also do readings via phone.  My office is located in Suffield, CT.

Email readings are also available are done through a 1, 2, or 3 question choice.

I am a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, a specific specialty recognized by the American Nurses Association. I support the vision in which nursing nurtures wholeness and inspires peace and healing.

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Email:  healingnurse09@yahoo.com

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"Health includes our thoughts, occupation, relationships, philosophy of life, spiritual practices, and much more, including our diet and exercise program."
— Caroline Myss




A Must Read Angel Message

We are here.
Spiritual energy is flowing to Earth in much greater magnitude than has been possible in many millennia.
There are reasons for this.
First and foremost, humanity is Awakening.
This is the time of the quickening.
Millions of humans are awakening in consciousness.

Millions of people are coming together for many reasons.

At the heart of it all is love.
You are loved beyond imagining.
And you are learning to love one another.
When one heals, many receive the benediction of the healing.
When one experiences peace in meditation, many experience the benediction of peace.
The veil of separation has thinned.
Experiences of Oneness are so numerous that beliefs are shattered.

This describes what you are experiencing now.

As your soul awakens and rises to the surface, old beliefs are shattered.
Old ways of being, old habits, old lifestyles are no longer tolerable.

This extends to the body.

Bodies are no longer willing to suffer old ways of eating and thinking that don't support full health.

It is an odd concept that a health crisis is the opening for greater wellness, yet that is what is happening.
Bodies are drawing attention to the result of past habits of thinking, eating and behaving.
Illness and pain are the only way your body has to get your attention.
Pain and life threatening situations present the emotional energy and motivation to change.

The angels of Change are guiding you to leave behind old ways and take radical steps into new life styles of health.

Your body and life may be telling you what needs to change.
Are you listening?

If you ask, your body will tell you how to heal.
Take action to change.
Try new things until you discover what your body needs.

Wellness is waiting.
You deserve it!