“Bridging the science of Medicine with Spirit”

 Are you tired of hearing "You're fine" or   "Everything looks good"  by your doctors?

 Wondering what or why you have an ailment?

Want to understand the "why's" to your illness?

Worried about unexplainable symptoms?

Want to just be preventive in your health?

Are you tired of tests and pills that may be unnecessary? 

Then you need an..


What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition is when a person uses intuition to "see" imbalances throughout the body.  These include physical, psychological, emotional, chemical, and neurological imbalances.  Within the organs and tissues and cells in these bodily systems, can be seen such issues as traumas, past and recent, or blockages of their energetic function.  But more than just having the gift to see all of the anatomical issues, the medical intuitive seeks to reach the Root Cause of the complaint, illness or disease.  These Root Causes also encompass what has not yet possibly revealed itself as a disease or illness, but still seen nonetheless, in which case being preventive to one occurring can be key.

The Medical Intuitive will work to find the Root Cause by taking the found imbalances and piecing together the puzzle of its originating location, as well as the originating timeframe.  Whether going back to childhood or just to the past month, these moments when the body was unable to overcome the event, left the body unable to keep balance within.  The person loses power because of a fear pattern, spiritual crisis, or trauma that then lives on in the psyche, thus the cell tissue.

As far back as the late Edgar Cayce, one of the most remarkable Medical Intuitives, the emphasis on the importance of our attitudes and emotions played a significant role in the treatment of illness.  These original medical intuitives noted that physical health problems corresponded with specific emotional issues followed a map of energy centers, called the chakras.  When a person has an emotional problem, past or present, an organ in that chakra will begin to signal disease and stress.  There are 7 chakra centers that get examined.

So finding these root causes, whether emotional issues or even stressors such as toxins or phsyical injuries, is an important part of a medical intuitive reading.

Medical Intuitive readings are not meant to replace an allopathic western medicine diagnosis.  However, prevention and looking at a person as an individual with their own past and present stories that envelopes their health, is exactly what alternative specialties like Medical Intuition provides!

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.  When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.  ~B.K.S.    "Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.  We are our best when we give the doctor who resides within, a chance to go to work." ~ Albert Schweitzer, MD Nobel Laureate and Medical Missionary

What is

Medical Intuition?