Medical Intuitive Readings

Initial Session                                                      $250                               1.5 to 2 hours
- via office or phone or facetime/skype

Physical self- an Intuitive “scan” of your body

I scan 50+ organs and systems!

A Medical Intuition Scan and Evaluation can pinpoint specific illnesses, imbalances and conditions in the human body.  

  • I will use my "Divine Eyes"and intuitive gifts to appraise your current state of health and well-being. 
  • I will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your body.  
  • I will review your current medications and supplements and discuss them as they pertain to your current health concerns. 
  • Please have them with you, or a list of what they are, to include brand, dose and ingredients.  
  • Healing Protocol Plan suggestions                                        

Emotional and Energetic self - exploring the past and present connections to your health

A Medical Intuition Scan and Evaluation will also reveal not only your state of physical health, but can also validate unresolved thoughts

and emotions that may be impacting you and your health. 

  • I will show you how the energy centers of the body are connected to our health. 
  • I will scan and assess their balance status and share with you which main center needs attention.
  • We will discuss what "ascension energy" is and how this is all changing how we live!

A copy of my written pages of my notes.
Healing protocol suggestive treatment plan.
Teaching tool information sheets to take home.
I am respectful to anything you wish to not hear or discuss!  

Note:  ALL patients are required to sign my consent form.  Thank you for understanding.

Follow-up sessions and Follow-up packages will be explained at the end of the session.

Other types of services I offer will be discussed at your visit if needed.


Follow-up Sessions                                       $125 / hour                

         - via office or phone or facetime/skype

These consults are for those who have had a Medical Intuitive Initial Session. 

  • You will receive another scan for confirmation on improvement. 
  • You will be evaluated for healing protocol additions and/or changes and given an updated list.

                    Follow-up sessions prepare a systematic approach that provides a foundational plan of healing

                    When we follow a hierarchy approach to your care, an individualized treatment plan can be created

                    that begins your personal mapto regain and/or sustain wellness.​

                    Integration of multiple modalities will provide your body the framework it needs to navigate each level of your health.



It is always my humble blessing to share the gift that God gave me to guide your health transformation

and to walk with your on your journey.

                 ~ Nurse Maika

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Medical Intuitive Readings

God gave me a gift of Divine Eyes -

let me help you "see" your true health.

See how I practice "Spirit Medicine" how spirit speaks to me on what is your best treatment at this time.