Life Direction Intuitive Readings

​Mediumship Readings
 I have been seeing "life beyond this physical world" since 9 years old - let me help you connect to your loved one and get a Hug from Heaven.

Knowing our crossed-over loved ones are happy, healthy and safe is very healing.  

You will hear the messages of your loved one(s), in hopes that you find that long-wanted comfort 
You will experience peace and healing 
You will experience closure if needed
You will hear what your loved one(s) wishes for your life 
You will be able to ask questions and obtain clarity 

Life Direction Intuitive Readings                                         $125 / hour
               - via office or phone or facetime/skype                                    

- Wish to examine the directions and paths of  your life? - past, present and future .  
- This includes such topics as relationships, job, business, family, travel, or other answers you may need.  
- These are answered with channeled divine guidance and I will not lie in any way shape or form!

Although it is possible that a loved one will come through, it is not guaranteed - if you are looking to connect with a loved one for sure, please see my Mediumship Readings instead.

Transformational Life Coaching                                             $125 / hour  

          -  booked in 1 month increments at a minimum of 2 sessions / month

         -   each session is 30 minutes

- Going through a life challenge?

- Do you need to do deep healing to clear emotional baggage or reverse bad habits? 

- Feel you could use routine guidance to bring you through it or to understand it?

It is said that Transformational Coaches are "Masters of Habit Change" - As an Intuitive and Holistic Life Advisor, I focus on the spiritual and universal wisdom to bring understanding and tools on how to change habits and beliefs.  This creates your state of mind, which in turn creates your reality and what you can then bring into fruition with this new state of BE-ing!

We touch on emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being.  This balanced wellness brings more energy to your relationships, career, home, community, spirituality and all-over life design.

​The structure of this program is to have the monthly, routine communication that allows us to co-create a new reality for you!


Mediumship Readings    -    1 - 3 people                       $125 / hour
               - via my office or phone or facetime/skype
               - I will go to your home or location if needed
               - each person must wish to reach the same loved one

                                              **Note:  travel that exceeds more than 10 miles will incur a $15 travel charge 


HUGS FROM HEAVEN - Group Readings   -   4-8 people    $40 / person   

             - in your home or location                                                           (a minimum of $200)           2 hour event

                  - or my South Windsor office

                                               **Note:  travel that exceeds more than 10 miles will incur a $20 travel charge

What is a "gallery-style group reading"? 

- a gathering of your family and friends to experience Hugs from Heaven together
- it is my goal to give a reading to each guest
- the readings are in the group at all times 
- each guest may have their own loved one to reach  -or-  you may choose a brief psychic or medical reading instead
- you will take your own notes (or have notes written for you)
- taping of these events is NOT allowed

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